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Norma Ibarra is a multidisciplinary artist and storyteller maneuvering boundlessly through photography, videography, and adventure sports. Of these, skateboarding is a constant playground for her unique expression. Ibarra’s work is published in magazines, online editorials, commercial campaigns, photo exhibitions, and recently her book - Para ti (For you). Her visual narratives connect athletes of diverse backgrounds to each other and the world around them.


Born on Comca’ac (Seri) territory in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, moved to Canada in 2009, she began reconnecting to her family lineage during the start of a solo journey across Turtle Island and beyond. 


Norma’s passion is to photograph the lesser-known stories of athletes and change-makers around the globe. Her photos tell stories of folks as diverse, proud community builders, simultaneously challenging and independently broadening and challenging the definitions of traditional sports media. Through intentional relationships with the land, community, and her own history, Norma documents a profound youth-driven lens around inclusion, representation, equity, resilience, and belonging. 

Combining her love for adventure, her education and her photography skills, Ibarra has also carved out a niche role specializing in social media marketing.

Some of her clients include: Vans, Adidas, Nike, Thrasher Magazine, Vice, Hootsuite, and Destination BC, Norma creates innovative social media programs. With at heart, implementing and fostering spaces for the stories of her communities.



2022 - "Skate For Change" Museum of Vancouver, Vancouver, BC Canada

2021 - "Para ti"  Book Launch and photo exhibit -,House of Vans Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

2019 - "Arms wide Open" - House of Vans, London, United Kingdom

2019 - "Vanguards by Vans" Mexico City

2017 - "Skatebroads" - Antisocial Skateshop, Vancouver, BC, Canada


2022- "Polaris" - House of Vans, Toronto, ON, Canada

2022 - “The Art of the Skateboard” - The Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Indiana, USA.

2022 - "Out of Control" - Audain art Museum - Whistler, BC, Canada.

2021 - "Boarder X" - Museum of Vancouver, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

2020 - "Skate Skate Baby" - Toronto, ON, Canada

2020 - "They call themselves skaters" - Cologne, Germany 

2019 - "Girls" Sao Paulo, Brazil 

2019 - "Yeah Girl Homecoming" - Gold Coast, Australia

2019 - "A celebration of Women in Skateboarding" The General, New York, NY, USA

2019 - "Una Mirada con Equidad" Chilango Skateshop, Mexico City, Mexico. 

2019 - "Show us your style by Vans" - Montreal, Toronto Canada,  Paris, France.

2018 - "Yeah Girl" - Los Angeles, USA

2018 - "Skate Like a Girl" - Seattle, Washington, USA


2021 - "She Shreds, Women of Colour in Action Sports" -Linfield University

2019 - "Brutally Honest Skate Journalism" Media Panel - Pushing Boarders Event, Malmo, Sweden. 

2019 - "How I got here" Wheels of Fortune Event - Seattle, Washington, USA

2019 - "Skateboarding, Photography and Art" - School, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2011 - #NETCulture: Stories Of Culture And Diversity In Social Media - Vancouver, BC, Canada.  


2020 - Skate Photography - Online

2019 - Nike SB Presents: Skateboard Photography Workshop, EVO Headquarters


Nike, Vans, Adidas, Dickies, Red Bull, Guru, Toronto Raptors, Thrasher Magazine, Vice, Monster Children, NHS Distribution, CCS Distribution, Deluxe Distribution, G-Shock, Slurpee, Chrome Industries, World Skate, There Skateboards, Destination BC, BC Bike Race, Mountain Bike BC. 

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