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King Skateboard: The 11.3 Issue

Life can be crazy sometimes, for many years I wasn't sure what kind of photographer I wanted to be. I always loved taking photos, but I felt I didn’t have a niche. Though everything changed when I started skateboarding. 4 years later, my dreams of being published in magazines is a reality.

The King Skateboard magazine 11.3 issue is very special to me. That summer, I had the opportunity to work on a little assignment for the magazine. It quickly turned into a few pages with a portfolio of my work. The 11.3 issue is an all womxn issue. Have a look at

Have a look at the online preview and get a copy of this all womxn issue. Featuring Shari White, Una Farrar, Breana Geering, Fabiana Delfino, Sarah Meurle, Kristin Ebeling, Alexis MacRae, Kassy Bailey, Michelle Pezel, the cover girl, Annie Guglia and much more!

Passion, dedication, perseverance and hard work pay off. Dreams can come true. Thank you skateboarding.


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