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Wheels of Fortune X: The Recap

Wheels of Fortune X was yet another amazing edition of this iconic event. Covering with Olga Aguilar and Zorah Olivia, the 10th edition was my third time but it was different.

This year, I had the opportunity to be part of a skateboarding industry panel next to some of my mentors, friends and people I admire. It was a pleasure to share personal stories, experiences and knowledge together. You can listen to the podcast on Quell's page.

Here is a quick “2 cents”, a.k.a personal advice from my own experience for people trying to find a career:

• Volunteer as much as you can.

• Put yourself out there and don’t be scared to ask questions.

• Find mentors you can learn from and collaborate with.

• Practice, try, practice, and try one more time. Remember that's ok to make mistakes.

• Create a vision board and keep track of your little victories, remember to look at those when you're a feeling down.

• Help your pals when you can, we all need each other.

• Stay positive and remember that your dreams can come true.


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